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A Fast Guide: What Home Buyers Should Check on Closing Date in Ontario



Buying a home is a significant milestone that requires careful consideration and attention to detail. As a home buyer, the closing date is crucial in the purchasing process. It is the day when legal ownership is transferred, and you finally receive the keys to your new home. However, before celebrating this exciting moment, conducting a thorough review is essential to ensure everything is in order. In this blog post, we will explore the key aspects home buyers should check on the closing date in Ontario, offering valuable insights to make your home-buying experience seamless and stress-free.


    1. Walkthrough Inspection:

On the closing date, you can conduct a final walkthrough inspection of the property. This inspection serves as your last chance to ensure that the property is in the same condition as when you made the offer to purchase. Check for any damages or issues that may have occurred since your last visit, such as leaks, broken fixtures, or missing appliances. If any discrepancies are discovered, immediately notify your real estate agent or lawyer to address them before completing the transaction.


    2. Title Search and Property Liens:

Before the closing date, your lawyer should conduct a title search to verify the property’s ownership and check for any outstanding liens or encumbrances. Liens can arise from unpaid debts or legal claims against the property. It’s crucial to ensure that the property you are purchasing has a clear title, free from any encumbrances that could affect your ownership rights. Your lawyer will guide you through this process and resolve any issues that may arise.


    3. Review Closing Documents:

On the closing date, your lawyer will provide various legal documents for review and signing. These documents include the deed, mortgage agreement, property tax adjustments, and other relevant paperwork. Take the time to carefully review each document carefully, ensuring that all details are accurate and in line with your agreement. If you have any questions or concerns, consult your lawyer for clarification before proceeding with the closing.


    4. Verify Utility Readings and Payments:

Utility readings like electricity, gas, and water should be recorded and verified on the closing date. Ensure that the readings are accurate and the seller has made the corresponding payments up to the closing date. This verification will ensure clarity and clarity regarding outstanding utility bills affecting your future ownership.


    5. Home Insurance Coverage:

Before closing, securing home insurance coverage for your new property is crucial. Lenders typically require proof of insurance to protect their investment. Ensure you have obtained adequate coverage and provide the necessary documentation to your lawyer or mortgage lender. Shopping around for insurance options well in advance is advisable to avoid any last-minute complications.



The closing date is an exciting and critical moment for home buyers in Ontario. By being diligent and thorough during this stage, you can ensure a smooth and successful home-buying experience. Conducting a final walkthrough inspection, verifying title search and property liens, reviewing closing documents, verifying utility readings and payments, and securing home insurance coverage are vital steps to protect your interests and avoid potential complications in the future. Remember, working closely with your real estate agent, and lawyer will help you navigate the closing process effectively, providing you with peace of mind as you embark on this new chapter of homeownership.


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