We at Mariana Samaan Law Firm care about our visitors and want to ensure that our visitors feel at ease while browsing our website. To ensure such an outcome, we have set up some rules. These rules will ensure that the personal and confidential information of our visitors is protected from any unethical use. These rules will give you a good idea of our professional work ethics and keep us transparent, so it is easier for our visitors to trust us.
Besides these rules, we have taken extra steps to protect and secure the visitors’ data. You will learn about our significant steps, their results, and how they will affect your experience on our website. These rules and security measures will give you a good idea of our professional approach when it comes to handling visitor data and improving their experience.

Our policy is the same for all visitors without any exceptions. This is done to ensure a fair approach for all visitors and ensure that their data is easily protected with zero chance of policy violations.

Data Collection

The data we collect is only the bare minimum that we ask you to permit us while you fill out a form or share with us during consultation. We also collect and keep in record your queries via email or conversations with our chat support, no other information is collected by us.

What We Collect

We collect basic information for your identification and communication like your name, email, contact number, and the information that is necessary to process your case.


Our cookies policy is in place to improve the visitors’ experience and help them to find the right products for their needs. These cookie files will track your activity only on our website and based on the products you visited will notify you about their new models, discounts, and packaged deals. The cookies are only meant to optimize your experience and if you are concerned with privacy, you can reject them as well.

Use Of Data

The data we collect will be used to update you about our marketing offers, discounts, and any updates related to our business or website. You will also receive regular updates from our blog about the stat of different laws or policies and how you can benefit from them. If you don’t want to receive these emails you can simply click on the unsubscribe button in our emails. You won’t receive these emails any further. But we will still keep your contact information in record and we will email you in regards to any service you have ordered from us.

Security Risks

Let us assure you that your data is not sold or misused by our employees or anybody in the company. Your data is protected by the law. We never let any unauthorized person handle your data and it is only used for lawfully permitted purposes. Your data may be used for commercial marketing but only if you have agreed to let us use it. If you want us to delete any data about you from our database you can contact us on the contact information we have shared on our website.

Policy Updates

Mariana Samaan Law Firm reserves the right to update the policy to ensure that there are no weak points in this policy. This is done to protect the company, its visitors, and clients from misuse of the policy. We want to make sure your experience with us is satisfactory and secure, hence we reserve the right to update the policy. Rest assured that you will be notified about the updates.